Taxonomía, presencia e intensidad de las expresiones de odio en entornos digitales vinculados a los medios informativos profesionales españoles – Hatemedia.

Call ECREA Pre-Conference

News Media, disinformation, and hate speech’s promotion (Closed)

This pre-conference looks at how disinformation and hate speech spread in public opinion from different perspectives, not only focusing on understanding how to disseminate and affect general populations; but also to discern about the role assumed by fact-checkers, journalists, and news media during the widening recognition of this kind of content at local and national level; and recognize different approach (theoretical and methodological) that help to understand and identify mechanisms and practices that help monitor and control the use of disinformation and hate speech from and through social media and digital news media.

Journalism Practice – Call Special Issue

The role of news media in promoting hate speech (Closed)

This special issue of Journalism Practice looks at how hate speech spreads in environments associated with the news media. A phenomenon that in recent years has gained more significant interest, both socially and academically. The main objective of this special issue is to develop a set of studies and policies that allow us to understand and identify cases, mechanisms, and theoretical approaches that focus their attention on the practice of journalism, new narratives, and new communication scenarios that for journalistic practice and the detection of hate speech from and through digital news media.